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The Ritz Carlton Mansion

The Ritz-Carlton is a unique project presented by the famous company MAG of Life. Its location is the elite district of Creekside. Indeed, a unique feature of this complex is its focus on “healthy construction.” It is the first project in the MENA region to obtain WELL certification.

Since it belongs to the KETURAH resort, the complex can offer residents maximum wellness. The unique Ritz-Carlton will be located as close as possible to the famous Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary. This is a huge park, surrounded by greenery, mangroves, and lagoons. It is home to a large number of flamingos and many other wildlife residents.

The area of the Water Mansions is 42,787 square feet. These are spacious indoor and outdoor areas that offer a beautiful view of the stream. The design is intentionally simple and minimalist, with a color palette dominated by shades of gray and white, enhancing the expressive nature of the residences. In general, Water Mansions will include 4 levels: underground floor, patio, family level, and upper level.

Future owners will get maximum access to various amenities in their luxurious possessions. In the Earth Mansions with their minimalist design, the interior decor will feature Alpine green marble, brass metal accents, and white natural travertine, adding a touch of elegance to the spaces. There will also be 4 levels in advance: underground floor, patio, family and upper levels.

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Among the unique features of the Water Mansions, the following can be highlighted: a private garden with a dedicated living area, multiple terraces, a fitness studio, a spa, a family lounge, a lounge area, an office, and an infinity pool. As the project is designed in a waterfront style, there will be a water Zen garden located on the ground floor.

Each mansion will be equipped with elevators and garages that can accommodate up to 8 cars. Also on the second level, there will be a terrace, a living room, a bar, an art hall, a dressing room and a bathroom. Also, free space is assumed at the third level.

The basement deserves special attention. There, residents will be offered maximum amenities for recreation and relaxation. This is a cinema room, massage room, sauna, manicure room, and steam room. There will also be staff rooms, a game room, a car wash, charging stations for electric cars, and a wine cellar.

A distinctive feature of the Earth Mansions will be a zen garden on the ground floor, a garage with a capacity of 8 cars, a hall and a living room. The level of the patio also assumes the presence of a hall, dressing rooms, a patio and a terrace on the upper floor. On the terrace, the future happy owners of the property will be able to enjoy beautiful views of the stream. It is worth noting that there will also be 2 terraces and 2 bars on the roof, which will allow you to spend your free time with family and friends. There are also supposed to be free spaces above the patio and Zen garden.

The lowermost floor will delight future residents with its sauna, steam room, wine storage room, game room, movie screening room, fitness studio, and relaxing area dedicated to manicures. Here, the development company plans to create staff rooms in which you can relax, as well as rooms for storing dry and fresh products. Given the active dynamics of development, each mansion will include 4 spots for charging an electric car, as well as a car wash. The area of the mansions is 42,432 square feet!

  • Pool

  • Sports Hall

  • Children playground

  • Barbecue area

  • 24/7 security

  • Covered parking

  • Cafes and restaurants




The location is the Creekside district. The Ritz Carlton Mansion is located along the historic Dubai Creek.

The Ritz-Carlton mansions will be the first wellness villas for sale in the UAE. It will be a popular tourist destination!

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